On a budget and needing to freshen up your cabinets? 

MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is a great alternative to natural wood.  Routed on a CNC machine, each door and drawer front are one solid piece, resulting in a seamless paint job that won’t  expand or contract with temperature changes.

If you’re concerned with buckling or bubbling due to moisture, or outfitting an outside kitchen, go with the MDF Extira — twice as strong as regular MDF, it’s moisture, rot, and termite resistant!


Clean and classic with a Cove outer edge.


No frills, no fuss. Eased edges and a flat center panel.

4 Pass with Flat Panel

With a little more detail than the Shaker, this door has the cove edge and inside bead of the 4 Pass, but with a flat middle panel.

Advance Shaker

Clean square outer edge with a sloped inner edge to a flat middle panel.


Same outer edge as the Shaker, but with a detailed bead around the inner edge of the flat panel.

4 Pass

A classic style with a cove outer edge, a bead on the inside edge of the stiles and rails, and a coved panel.

2 Pass

This door stands apart with in it's details: rounded inside corners, cove outer edge, beaded cove on the inside edges of the stiles and rails, and a beaded cove on the panel.

5 Pass

Similar to the 4 Pass, but with with a beaded cove on the inner panel.

5 Pass with G&B

The addition of molding to the 5 Pass profile gives extra dimension and detail.

4 Pass Eyebrow

Perfect for upper cabinets, this profile has the same detailing as the 4 pass, but the top inner detail is curved in a rounded arch.

2 Pass Eyebrow

The inner rounded arch is accentuated by the beaded cove detailing of the 2 pass profile.

4 Pass Cathedral Arch

The same detailing as the 4 pass, but with a traditional bell-curve arch on the inner details.

2 Pass Cathedral Arch

The beaded cove details of the 2 pass give extra depth to the bell-curve arch.

5 Pass Cathedral Arch

The beaded cove detailing of the 5 pass draws attention to the bell-curve arch of the center panel.

4 Pass with V-groove Panel

A similar look to bead-board, the coved center panel of the 4 Pass is notched with a V-groove pattern.

5 Pass with V-groove Panel

The extra detailing of the 5 Pass beaded cove makes the V-groove more pronounced on this profile.


The Standard MDF door finishes with a 3/4″ thickness.  Any requested deviation on style or thickness may include a Set Up Fee.


ASH Millworks, 65 Springfield Road Petal, MS 39465 | Made by Creative Computer

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