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Custom Mouldings
Interior mouldings more than any other building feature can set a
new home apart from the norm.

Whether you are a home builder looking for a marketing advantage
for his next spec house, a custom home builder or individual
building her dream home, you don't need to settle for "standard"
mouldings when you can count on ASH Millworks to offer you the
widest selection of customized mouldings in South Mississippi.

We have developed hundreds of profiles of mouldings over the
years but our designs are limited only by your imagination. We can
make custom knives to match the profile of most any shape a
customer may want. With our state-of-the-art machines you will
know why historic building remodeling contractors and architects
trust ASH Millworks to replicate their antique mouldings.
The Weinig Moulder
with computer-aided
setup allows ASH
Millworks to produce an
unlimited range of
moulding designs using
16 knife marks per inch
to insure the highest
quality finish.
A Customer's Comment...
"After we bought an old building in downtown
Hattiesburg, we asked around about who could
help us restore it to its original finish and ASH
Millworks was the name that kept popping up".
MT, Hattiesburg, MS