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Cabinet Doors
Many home builders around South Mississippi like to build their
cabinets “on-site”, meaning that they have their trim carpenter
construct the cabinet boxes in place from trim materials and
have their painter paint them.  To insure a high quality look
they like to purchase the doors from a cabinet maker. At ASH
Millworks, we work with builders, carpenters, remodeling
contractors and individual home-buyers building their own
homes by offering them the same high quality doors that are
used on our finest custom cabinets. ASH can also supply all of
the materials needed to build the cabinet boxes.

So, if site-built cabinets are your preference, ASH Millworks
can be your “one stop shop”.
Click on any of the cabinet door samples, below, to see a larger view
Above, Balestrini Computerized
Mitre Corner Machine for door
Left, Thermwood CNC Router
for one-piece MDF paint
grade cabinet doors
A Builder's Comment...
“I have always built my cabinets on-site, but I buy all of my materials and cabinet doors from ASH Millworks.  They offer the best quality
materials at reasonable prices and they deliver making my job easier.”
FS, Hattiesburg, MS.
Standard Cathedral
Arch Wood Door
Raised Panel
Eyebrow-Arched Door
Five Pass MDF
Cathedral Arch Door
Shaker Styled Flat
Paneled Door
Flat Paneled Bead
Board Door
Mitred Corner Door w/
Rope Mold Insert
Standard Stile & Rail
Mitred Corner Raised
Panel Door
Moulded Raised
Panel Door
Mitred Corner Flat
Paneled Door
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